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Mindy Lyn, I.C.F., R.Y.T., I.A.Y.T., R.M., O.M., H.T., M.T.
By Appointment Only 716 551 8945
225 15th Street, Buffalo, NY 14213
Holistic Arts Practitioner

My mission is to share healing, peace and joy in holistic arts, and to offer my heart to the world through classes that motivate, inspire, and encourageMessage me today to book a holistic arts class, therapy session, yoga class or consultation. Call or text to book group, event or corporate classes. I do not accept walk-ins, appointments only. Whether you seek a long-term commitment or a one-time session, you will find a rate that works for you. 

Visit My Online Store To Purchase Training Classes and Call 716-551-8945 to Book an Appointment

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• Yoga Therapy
• Reiki Therapy
• Herbal Therapy

MindyLyn MindyMunter HolisticArts BuffaloNY 7165518945

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MindyLyn MindyMunter HolisticArts BuffaloNY 7165518945

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• Meditation
• Herbal Therapy
• Yoga & Breath

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