Holistic Arts - Mindy Lyn (Mindy Munter)
Mindy Lyn, I.C.F., R.Y.T., I.A.Y.T., R.M., O.M., H.T., M.T.
By Appointment Only 716 551 8945
225 15th Street, Buffalo, NY 14213
Holistic Arts Practitioner

My mission is to share the healing, peace and joy in holistic arts, and empower students to do the same. I teach simple yet powerful practices that can bring balance, healing and harmony to all areas of your life. I believe that the highest compassion, the only true act of compassion, is to point a person to their own liberation. My intention is to offer my heart to the world through classes that motivate, inspire, and encourage! I teach holistic wellness, yoga therapy, holistic herbal therapy, meditation, reiki therapy, prenatal yoga, chakra science, advanced alignment, yoga science, pranayama, ujjayi and kumbhaka breathing, with advanced training in holistic yoga science. 

Yoga is more than just stretching, it is a lifestyle. It is a holistic, spiritual path.

What about that Yoga Therapy? I create individual yoga therapy plans to address specific injuries, diseases and addictions. Some benefits of personal yoga training are learning to modify a practice while healing from injury, cultivating a therapeutic practice to manage or improve health issues like insomnia or low back pain. 

Private Yoga Lessons? Clients can choose whether they wish to focus on Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Posture, Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Balance, Mind Mapping, Visualization, Concentration, Peak Performance, Stress Management, or Therapeutic Yoga, and for beginners developing confidence to practice in group settings. 

What's up with private yoga classes? My specialized asana series of twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises is derived from the original ninety-one postures, three breathing exercises, mudras, bandhas and kiyras of Ghosh yoga. This series will work your muscles, increase flexibility, flush toxins out of your system, help you combat a variety of afflictions and maintain exceptional health for years to come. It isn't easy, it's a rigorous, body-bending program, but physical strength and flexibility can be a gateway to mental clarity and spiritual calm. 

Why offer yoga at my business? Corporate Yoga Class? Make your office a better place to be. A daytime yoga practice may promote employee satisfaction, zap stress, boost productivity and it could reduce your healthcare costs. 

Yoga Party? Whaaat? Set the foundation to your health and wellness journey, have a yoga birthday party! Need a girls night out? How about a girls night of Yoga instead! I offer a wide variety of classes for students of all levels, whether you’re brand new to yoga or have years of experience, whether you’re very fit or a recovering couch potato, whether you’re young-ish or have a bit of “life experience.”

Call or text to book individual, group, event or corporate classes. I do not accept walk-ins, I accept appointments only. Whether you seek a long-term commitment or a one-time session, you will find a rate that works for you. I have membership and class package options that are as diverse as my students.

Holistic Arts - Mindy Lyn (Mindy Munter) Yoga

Holistic Arts - Mindy Lyn (Mindy Munter) Yoga

Holistic Arts - Mindy Lyn (Mindy Munter) Yoga