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Mindy Lyn, I.C.F., R.Y.T., I.A.Y.T., R.M., O.M., H.T., M.T.
By Appointment Only 716 551 8945
225 15th Street, Buffalo, NY 14213
Holistic Arts Practitioner

About Mindy

Mindy is an experienced yoga teacher with advanced training in all eight limbs of yoga and specializing in hatha asana series derived from the original ninety-one postures, three breathing exercises, mudras, bandhas and kriyas of Ghosh yoga. She is energetic and outgoing with an intensive health and wellness education and multiple years of trainings & practical teaching experience. 

Mindy is known for her energetic, clear instruction. This specialized series of hatha yoga is taught particularly with happiness in mind. She leads you in lighting up your inner body, so that your outer body will walk off your mat, full force, into your life. She's a mom, yogi, and lover of life. She’s inspired by the ever-expanding universe and the healing power of love. She finds true liberation in living life fully from the inside out. Her intention is to offer her heart to the world through classes that motivate, inspire, and encourage. 

Her class is highly verbal and precise, with alignment actively corrected, with emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of asana and pranayama, and is designed for the development of strength, mobility and stability gained through the asanas. She fell in love with yoga from the first class, started practicing daily at a studio, began teacher training and teaching at the same time with Evolation in May 2015 and learned various traditions of yoga. After completing 250 hours of training with Evolation, a registered yoga alliance school, she began taking on private clients and teaching everywhere. She teaches to private clients, pregnant clients, kids, adults, seniors, athletes, teaches at camps, parks, houses, events, studios, gyms, and teaches to all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Short Autobiography 

My first 26&2 yoga class released me from the stress of life, juggling work, raising my beautiful daughter and the stress of recovering from a chronic condition. I fell in love with yoga. The tension melted away, my insomnia has disappeared and all relapses in my condition vanished. The peace and happiness we access on our mats is no accident. A full practice of yoga, including meditation, gently removed blockages from my mind and body. Not only did it remove them, but with time it began to reshape my attitude, diet, views, thoughts and life.

Once we feel unified and connected, we will access a deep well of joy that does not diminish when shared. Yoga doesn’t just lift our spirits. It lifts our lives. It opens our eyes to the essence of who we are, and that is where I found peace and happiness. This was my experience with the power and patience of yoga. Learning how to walk into my life, transition from okay to peace and happiness. Every time I leave the room, whether I'm teaching or practicing, I feel absolute happiness and gratitude that I try to bring with me in the rest of my day.  

Mindy's Favorite Series 

A static practice, 26 & 2 yoga consists of twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises. Each posture is repeated once or twice depending on class length. Drinking water before and after class prevents dehydration, and water breaks are set at specific times so everyone flows through the hatha series together to achieve mind, body & spirit connection. It’s my favorite series because as I walk out of the room, whether I’m teaching or practicing, I have a natural glow of happiness surrounding me, and I feel complete gratitude.

Although many write it off as just another exercise-induced dopamine high, yoga goes deeper than that. The mind-body connection create in yoga class facilitates changes us at a cellular level. Cellular memory is the idea that our bodies hold our histories. When we weave positive intention into our movements, we are imprinting these thoughts, not only into our minds, but into our bodies. We are effecting change on our mat that will allow for change off our mat.